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Prevent Saving and Sharing of Files on Android Devices

Stronger Encryption

Put a stop to unauthorized sharing of paid content or confidential documents on Android devices. Enforce usage policies such as expiration, copy/paste and screenshot prevention. 

Extend or Revoke Access

Support BYOD and subscriptions with FileOpen's device controls. Add or revoke a user's Android device with one click in your FileOpen dashboard. 

Easy User Experience

Once a user authenticates, they won't need to enter any additional logins or passwords to view your protected documents. You can allow offline/airplane mode access as well. 

Integrate with Other Solutions

Leverage the FileOpen API to connect your user database, ecommerce, and other systems to your workflow. Encrypt files dynamically according to triggers in other systems.  


Expire access after a specified date or number of uses. 

Prevent Copy/Save

Stop copying or saving (of file and of contents).


Disable access to files at any time, from anywhere - instantly.

Control Printing

Prevent or limit printing to # of prints or device.


Overlay user-identifying data on digital or printed documents.

Offline Access

Enable time-limited access for airplane mode etc.

Learn more about FileOpen Android Security

The FileOpen Viewer App for Android is freely available for your users on the Google Play store. Please note the user must have the publisher's permission to open secured files on Android.

Learn how you can secure files on Android with RightsManagerRightsServer or our Developer Toolkit.

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