End-to-end privacy and control

The FileOpen platform was developed with the intent of providing a standardized protection layer across applications and formats. This enables you to develop a system that runs completely under your control, exposing no user or usage data to any third party including FileOpen Systems.

This design was inspired by PDF as a data format and the World Wide Web as a model for protocol architecture and interoperability. A PDF created according to the specification can be opened by any application that also complies with the specification. And a browser that implements the W3C specifications can interact with any webserver, from any vendor, as long as that server also implements the same specifications.

FileOpen is unusual if not unique in having created a DRM solution according to these rules. And the benefits are important for developers. The services exposed by FileOpen enable full control over users/documents/policies via high-level interfaces (REST, SOAP) that can be fully integrated into other applications or portals in either an on-premise/private cloud or fully hosted paradigm.

FO Flow Chart - Updated-1

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