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DRM for Financial Services and Financial Publishing

Financial operations, transactions and compliance depend upon documents. Conventional firewalls and password security are inadequate to the demands of customer privacy and financial industry regulations.

FileOpen document rights management enables financial services organizations to layer persistent security on top of their existing document management systems, ensuring that documents can be viewed only by designated users and roles, with instant revocation options.


Financial services trust FileOpen for mission-critical documents

FileOpen Systems has been working with financial institutions and publishers for over two decades. Our solutions include refinements specific to banking, M&A, financial governance and shareholder/subscriber communications.

  • Ensure that your documents remain confidential, validated and controlled
  • Create role-based policy sets based on "need to know"
  • Manage large-scale distribution to internal and external stakeholders

Visible only to the authorized end-user

Watermarked with user name and device ID

"Self-destructs" after 10 days


Use Cases

Create a self-hosted Virtual Data Room for transactions   |   Enable subscriptions to high-value research, newsletters, and reports   |   Protect customer statements in transit and after delivery   |   Control printing to specialized printers e.g. cashier's checks


Example Document

Control over screen-capture is important for many financial document use-cases. FileOpen can prevent screenshots by blurring the resulting image, rendering it unusable.

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