Control Information In the Manufacturing Ecosystem

Industrial companies are built upon knowledge of best practices, much of it stored as documents. Sharing such information internally is vital, but disclosure to competitors can be extremely damaging. Even within an organization there are documents that must be available only to certain departments, groups or even individuals. Normal IT security can protect files inside the company, but only document-level DRM can prevent an authorized user from sharing a file with an un-authorized user in an intentional document leak.

Protect Proprietary Designs and Methods

Knowledge transfer via documents is critical to success in manufacturing and adjacent industries. Proprietary information creates competitive advantage, but information is only proprietary as long as it is kept out of the public domain.

  • Protect complex vector designs in native PDF
  • Ensure that only authorized users can view or edit documents.
  • Control information distributed to service providers, partners or vendors.

Viewing limited to one device on the factory floor

Certain pages are blocked according to user role

Printing is not allowed


Use Cases

Manage access to manuals and work instructions   |   Adhere to regulatory/compliance frameworks   |   Maintain and enforce privacy over governance and customer data  |   Securely share documents among internal and external collaborations  |   Ensure that only current versions are available


Example Document

Usability and accessibility are especially important for instructional and process documentation. In some cases users need the ability to annotate/highlight/edit documents and to perform other types of collaboration. FileOpen-encrypted documents can expose some or all of this functionality of Adobe Acrobat and Reader.

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