Solutions for Virtual Classrooms

In the rush to implement remote learning, teachers and other educational professionals shared digital copies of materials with students. However, schools are obliged to comply with more complex copyright restrictions when sharing digital versions of textbooks and other sources. As virtual education becomes the norm, institutions will need long-term strategies for limiting the distribution of copyrighted content. The good news is, online learning almost always involve known user identities, so is well-suited to DRM.

Instant Accessibility, Complete Control

FileOpen's solutions have been used for corporate training and higher-education applications for over twenty years. A number of companies exist today only because they were able to control access to their proprietary materials using FIleOpen DRM.

  • Share course materials securely with a defined user list
  • Prevent copying and restrict printing
  • Authenticate users one time for extended access

Sally can't share this with John

Printing restricted to one copy with Sally's name watermarked

Access will terminate at the end of semester


Use Cases

Replace printed materials with digital, on-site training with virtual   |   Grant access to course materials while course is in session, then revoke access   |   Distribute PDF worksheets or tests with fill-in form fields   |   Enable usage with no software installation or add-ons


Example Document

Control of materials distributed for online training is critical, but so is the ability for end users to open documents in an unmodified browser and to make and share annotations, as shown here.

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