Privacy and Security for Healthcare Information

The numerous regulatory and privacy frameworks that govern HLS organizations mandate controlled document distribution. Documents must be controlled and tracked via auditable systems both inside and outside the institutional environment. Medical and scientific computing environments bring exceptional security requirements, with "locked-down" desktop environments that do not permit software installation by end-users. These challenges are unique and require flexible solutions that can work within the larger systems used by HLS organizations.

Public/Private Partnership

FileOpen's solutions are operating today in hospitals, government health institutes, pharmacutical research centers, medical information publishers, and other medtech environments.

  • Protect patient health records according to HIPAA
  • Secure clinical trial documentation
  • Protect patent applications and other IP

Prevent saving a local copy

Enable offline viewing for limited periods

Expire access after a fixed date


Use Cases

Implement controlled access to document collections   |   Manage secure review of research proposals   |   Segment and protect regulatory filings   |   Ensure confidentiality in patient communications


Example Document

FileOpen DRM is frequently implemented to control the printing of PDFs and to prevent users from using the print function to create unprotected digital copies, as shown here.

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