Document Security Whitepapers

Learn how to implement DRM for your business with these useful whitepapers.

Whitepapers covering the latest issues, use cases and opportunities related to secure file sharing, data loss prevention, enterprise content management, virtual data rooms and publishing.  Download these whitepapers today to learn more about the application of FileOpen products in real-world scenarios.

what is document DRM?

What is DRM for Documents?

The reasons to distribute documents in digital form are obvious, however many  publishers and business users are understandably reluctant to send high-value or  sensitive documents outside the firewall. DRM’s basic function of  preventing copying can preserve IP and protect revenues.  Read more>>


Corporate enterprise rights management

FileOpen for Corporate Enterprise Rights Management (ERM)

Corporations clearly need to secure proprietary or confidential information within their enterprise, and have many security schemes at their disposal to do so. But large-scale  ERM (Enterprise Rights Management Systems), if not overkill, don't always provide the same degree of protection when documents are shared outside the firewall.  Read more>>


Document security for Virtual Deal Rooms VDR

FileOpen for Secure Virtual Dealrooms (VDRs)

As the predominant enabling technology for VDRs to date, FileOpen software has enabled billions of secure document exchanges across the globe. Whether a hosted or on-premise solution VDRs can distribute documents in native PDF, the plugin-free OPN format, and the MS Office formats (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).  Read more>>


Secure Publishing for eCommerce - Protect documents sold online

FileOpen for Publishing and E-commerce

Nowhere is the need for document rights management more pressing than in the online sale of high-value documents.  FileOpen software was designed from the outset to secure the commercial distribution of digital documents, preserving publisher revenue streams and copyright obligations. Read more>>

Protect Scientific, Technical and Mechanical STM Publications

FileOpen for Scientific/Technical/Medical (STM) Publishing

Scientific, Medical, & Technical (STM) Publishing encompasses a broad and complex market, including national standards organizations, universities, libraries, pharmaceuticals, manufacturers, and healthcare providers. While the subject matter they cover may be diverse, STM publishers share some common challenges in protecting their information and preserving revenues.  Read more>>


FileOpen Software for Data Loss Prevention DLP

FileOpen and Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The increasing volume of a company's information assets that are distributed in digital form,  combined with BYOD and use of tools like Dropbox, has created an ever-growing risk of information leakage. However, for some organizations implementing comprehensive, content-aware DLP solutions may be overkill, in both complexity and cost.  Read more>>


Stop the pass-aloong of emailed documents

Using FileOpen to Prevent Pass-Along of Emailed Documents

Confidential and sensitive documents get emailed and uploaded to file sharing sites with little to no protection. Standard password security can easily be breached by determined hackers, and is not a scalable solution for ongoing document sharing.  FileOpen's rights management solutions link document security to the identity of the user, so that no one but the users you specify can view or print them.  Read more>>