Bring Document Security In-House

On-Premise Encryption 

Encrypt files on your servers for the ultimate control over your confidential and sensitive documents.

Integrate Your Firewall

Authenticate users with their existing logins and policies. Enable secure BYOD access with instant revocation.

On-Demand Policies

Encrypt and apply usage policies dynamically according to who is requesting the file. Use Active Directory for drag-and-drop encryption and permissioning. 

Open API

Integrate FileOpen encryption with other solutions in your document delivery workflow. Export usage data for full visibility and enforcement.

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How It Works

FileOpen RightsServer gives you complete document control by extending security and usage policies to documents themselves, wherever they may travel. Designed to fit into existing production and delivery workflows, RightsServer integrates easily with content management systems and authentication schemes. The core encryption engine is installed locally, so your raw files never leave your control.


Once your files are encrypted, go ahead and share files securely through all the normal channels—email, website, intranet, cloud storage sites or removeable media. Recipients authenticate through a client/server interaction, denying access to any unauthorized recipients. With granular permissions policies for access, editing, printing and sharing, you can ensure recipients can only see what they need to.

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Expire access after a specified date or number of uses. 

Prevent Copy/Save

Stop copying or saving (of file and of contents).


Disable access to files at any time, from anywhere - instantly.

Control Printing

Prevent or limit printing to # of prints or device.


Overlay user-identifying data on digital or printed documents.

Offline Access

Enable time-limited access for airplane mode etc.

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