FileOpen RightsManager

Control documents from a single dashboard with RightsManager™

RightsManager enables best document security practices by allowing you to encrypt documents locally, so there is no need to upload unencrypted documents to an unknown server or file sharing site. You maintain complete control of your source files at all times.

Once your files are encrypted, go ahead and share files securely through all the normal channels—email, website, intranet, cloud storage sites or removeable media. Recipients authenticate through a client/server interaction, denying access to any unauthorized recipients. With granular permissions policies for access, editing, printing and sharing, you can ensure recipients can only see what they need to.


How It Works


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Control Document Access

Control Document Access

  • Secure documents with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Limit access to authorized recipients
  • Expire access by date, time, or count of views/prints
  • Revoke access as needed, even after download

Design Custom Usage Policies

  • Designate who can edit, save, copy or print
  • Enable secure offline viewing for time-limited periods
  • Apply user-identifying watermarks on view/print
  • Restrict page-level interaction (view/print)

Monitor and Track Document Usage

  • See which users are viewing documents, when and from where
  • Gain insights into which devices and viewers are used most
  • Gather data about unsuccessful attempts at document access
  • Detect anomalies in desired behavior to improve efficiency

Seamless User Experience

  • Share documents on your intranet or webserver, via email, or any cloud storage site
  • Validate users via existing authentication schemes to grant seamless access without passwords
  • Render documents in any Web browser without any client installation (via Flash/HTML5)
  • Support viewing in standard document formats and native iOS/Android applications 
Secure without sacrificing user experience

Design custom usage policies by the user or document:

Document Expiration by Usage Expiration by Use
Expire documents after a certain term, specified date or by usage (view/print).
Document Expiration by Usage Expiration by Time/Term
Expire documents after a certain term or specified date.
Offline Restrictions Offline Permissions
Enable secure offline viewing for time-limited periods (airplanes, trains, etc).
Stop Copy/Paste Copy & Save Control
Stop copying or saving (of file and of contents)
Document Watermark Watermarking
Watermark documents with user identifying information (view/print).
Restrict Document Printing Restrict Printing
Prevent printing of a physical copy or conversion into another format.
Stop Copy/Paste Revocation
Disable access to files at any time, from anywhere - instantly.
Reporting Reporting
Get detailed reports on user and document activity.

What our customers are saying:

"Protecting our IP is key to our business model. The FileOpen Viewer makes the process of disseminating proprietary research painless and gives us assurance that our research reports are secure and accessible to only the intended client."

Jeff Parker, President