The Best of Both Worlds:
Local Encryption, Cloud Authentication

Control Access

Strong encryption that follows your documents wherever they go. Only recipients you specify can view them. Revoke access even after delivery. 

Set Usage Policies

Customize permissions for each user, group, or document. Expire access, control printing, impose watermarks and more.

Track Usage

Gather valuable data on when, where, and how people are using your documents. Monitor and detect anomolies in desired behavior.

Seamless UX

Validate your authorized users with your existing authentication methods, so they can view documents without additional passwords. 

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How It Works

RightsManager enables best document security practices by allowing you to encrypt documents locally, so there is no need to upload unencrypted documents to an unknown server or file sharing site. You maintain complete control of your source files at all times.



Once your files are encrypted, go ahead and share files securely through all the normal channels—email, website, intranet, cloud storage sites or removeable media. Recipients authenticate through a client/server interaction, denying access to any unauthorized recipients. With granular permissions policies for access, editing, printing and sharing, you can ensure recipients can only see what they need to.

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Expire access after a specified date or number of uses. 

Prevent Copy/Save

Stop copying or saving (of file and of contents).


Disable access to files at any time, from anywhere - instantly.

Control Printing

Prevent or limit printing to # of prints or device.


Overlay user-identifying data on digital or printed documents.

Offline Access

Enable time-limited access for airplane mode etc.

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