The FileOpen software uses industry-standard encryption to protect your documents from copying and forwarding, online and offline, before and after delivery. Our access controls go a step further by enabling document expiration, location-based access, and printing restrictions. Importantly, your documents and the keys to them never leave your possession. Even with our hosted offerings FileOpen Systems never has access to your documents, unlike some security vendors, and on-premise implementations of the FileOpen software are completely under the licensee's control and opaque to FileOpen Systems.


FileOpen products are built around standard formats for document creation and display. FileOpen Systems is licensed by the vendors of these formats, such as Adobe Systems for PDF, to operate as a security component in their viewers. By supporting standards such as PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, we enable you to distribute documents in their native format and display them in a viewer with which your users are familiar. No document conversion or bulky downloads of proprietary viewers are necessary.


A strong document security system is worthless if your authorized users can't access their documents. Because FileOpen rigorously follows the PDF Specification, FileOpen-encrypted PDFs are almost never blocked by antivirus and other firewall software. And because FileOpen works with the vendors of industry standard viewers, especially Adobe Systems and Microsoft, the FileOpen Clients are digitally signed by these prominent vendors. And now FileOpen offers the ability to deliver encrypted content directly into a browser, with no modficiation or installation of any kind.


We have designed our products to work well in a variety of implementations and settings. The technology can be used for a single document with a small user base, or be scaled up for hundreds of thousands of documents with as many end-users. This flexibility extends to our licensing. Whether you choose our RightsManager or RightsServer systems, or select modules from our SDK: Developer Toolkit, we are confident you will find a solution that fits your needs and your budget.


FileOpen Systems has been developing document security software since 1997. Our team has deep expertise and interest in the unique problems posed by digital publishing. FileOpen products have been market-tested for a wide range of mission-critical applications. Our company has grown organically on the strength of customer referrals and partnerships with industry leaders. We are committed to supporting our customers in an ever-changing technological landscape.

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