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A few points about our software, our business model and our principles.


FileOpen Systems has developed a set of software tools which encrypt and control the opening of PDF files. We license these tools to publishers and other information producers, who use them to control the distribution of their documents. FileOpen Systems is not a service provider: we don't exert any control over what content the licensees of our software distribute, to whom they distribute that content, or the decisions they make about pricing or control of their content.


We expect and want the customers of publishers who license our software to deal directly with that publisher. We have designed our software and our business model to ensure that this relationship is preserved. Ordinarily, our licensees distribute the FileOpen client plug-ins to their customers using the installation programs we have developed. These programs always state that they are installing the FileOpen client. In some cases, for example when a user tries to open an encrypted file and doesn't already have our software, the client installation is done directly from our website. In this case FileOpen Systems does not obtain any information except that required to do the installation of the software, and we do not share any information gathered during the installation with any third party.


FileOpen Systems receives no revenue from advertising and has no relationship with any entity that does collect money from advertising (other than, of course, publishers who use our products). All of our revenue comes from the up-front licensing of our software, which is done on a flat-rate basis. Because we do not charge publishers by the user or by the document, we have no incentive to monitor the distribution of their documents or our software, and we do not. We are unable to collect or distribute any information about the end-users to whom our licensees distribute our software. We do not include anyone else's software in our own distribution nor do we condone any bundling of our software into other distributions (other than, of course, with the content of the publishers who have licensed our products).


The FileOpen client software is a set of plug-ins to Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. The software is loaded only when Acrobat or Adobe Reader is loaded, and is active only when a document from one of our licensees is open. In some cases, the FileOpen client software communicates with the server of the publisher. This communication does not flow through and cannot be tracked or monitored by FileOpen Systems. The FileOpen software is unable to retrieve or communicate any information about an end-user's machine that could be used to identify a particular user of the machine, the physical location of the machine, what software is on the machine (other than the version of Acrobat or Adobe Reader being used to open documents) or anything else about the end user's computing environment. The FileOpen software does in some circumstances obtain and send to the publisher a unique identifier, which may be either the volume identifier of a local hard disk or an identifier from an Ethernet card or other communication device. But these identifiers are not and, to the best of our knowledge, cannot be used to determine anything specific about the user's computer. Any information you provide to (like a username/password) or that is gathered by the FileOpen client software is delivered only to the publisher's server. FileOpen Systems has no way of obtaining this information.


Instructions to remove the FileOpen client software.


We agree with and endorse the set of principles provided by Google governing software distribution.


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