Dynamically generated watermarks

In the FileOpen design watermarking, like access control, is performed at the point of access. This enables watermarking to be customized to the user/document/policy configuration. Even though multiple users are opening the same PDF from the same location at the same time, each can get a unique and personalized set of watermarks, and it is possible for this watermark to change each time a user opens a document (e.g. to contain the current time and date or the current IP address, etc.)

Watermarks can be imposed below the text of the page or above it, can be located in multiple different places on the page (header/footer, diagonal, margins, etc.) and can be represented with a variety of font/size/fill/stroke/color combinations.

Watermarks may contain a combination of static text (e.g. "Confidential"), values known to the PermissionServer database (first name, last name, company, etc.), values obtained from the originating device (machineID, user login, AD domain, etc.), and values retrieved from the request itself (IP address, timestamp, documentID, etc.).

Watermark Settings (4)-1

If printing is permitted, the "View" (on-screen) watermark may be replaced with a second watermark specific to the print job, which can also contain dynamic information like the name of the printer or printer driver being used.

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