Copyright Control for Digital Content

Controlling copyrighted works is a necessity for today's pubishers. Some solutions, like paywalls, work well enough for newspapers and similar products where articles appear and change frequently and the product is the information stream more than the individual story. But document-based content like newsletters, journals and some types of book publishing is rarely distributed via a portal that can be paywalled. Information shared via documents is best protected at the document level.

Powerful but Invisible

The best access control mechanisms are the ones that create the least inconvenience for legitimate users while still excluding the others, or inviting them to sign up.

  • Deliver encrypted PDF content to any browser with no install
  • Permit download and offline usage where appropriate
  • Identify users with your own credentials, or via single sign-on to your portal

Shared copies won't open for unauthorized users

Seamless authentication with no password entry

Each copy is numbered and watermarked


Use Cases

Manage subscription and renewal at the user/document/device level   |   Securely distribute one-time or occasional content, like film scripts for review   |   Fulfill single-copy sales via eCommerce  |   Segment content into collections or subscriptions  |   Control the number of devices enabled for each user


Example Document

Some documents, like scripts for films in development, need to be controlled, tracked, and revoked when prospects drop out of the project. In the example shown, each copy is given a unqiue number and every copy opened is watermarked with identifiers that can be associated with the specific user to whom the document was issued.

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