Control Standards with Standards-based Technologies

The development and distribution of technical standards is critical to society at the national and international level. Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) are among the only institutions with both commercial and governmental responsibilities, and are the primary mechanism by which technologies and practices are enabled to interoperate across industries and borders. Standards promote cooperation and ensure safety, as long as the documents expressing them are accessible, authentic and up-to-date. The duel requirements of standards documents to be both controlled and easily accessed by those who need them presents unique challenges that FileOpen's technology is designed to address. 


The choice of SDOs worldwide since 1996

FileOpen's first large-scale implementations were developed for distribution of standards. The FileOpen technology has been built in cooperation with our SDO licensees with the ultimate goal of becoming, like PDF, a de facto standard for the SDO community.

  • Support individual sale, subscriptions, site licenses and more.
  • Zero-install access to protected content
  • Maintain complete ownership of server resources, customer information



PDF opened in Acrobat/Reader, or in browser

Each page watermarked with user-specific information

Control over print/copy/edit/save/annotate/etc.


Use Cases

Quickly create an online store for protected standards   |   Manage complex usage rules and requirements  |   Operate portals for mandated distribution of publicly funded works  |   Customize end-user experience with local-language messages  |   Keep all customer data from being shared with any third party


Example Document

With standards documents it is essential that users are seeing the most recent version. In the example above, a standards publisher can revoke access to previous versions and watermark printed copies with the user name, date and time of print, and other identifying data.

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