Financial Services

Conventional firewalls and password security are inadequate to the demands of customer privacy and financial industry regulations. Our solutions include refinements specific to banking, M&A, financial governance and shareholder/subscriber communications.

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Healthcare & Life Sciences

The numerous regulatory and privacy frameworks that govern HLS organizations mandate controlled document distribution. Our solutions are operating today in hospitals, government health institutes, pharmacutical research centers, medical information publishers, and other medtech environments.

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Education & Training

In the rush to implement remote learning, teachers and other educational professionals shared digital copies of materials with students. However, schools are obliged to comply with more complex copyright restrictions when sharing digital versions of textbooks and other sources.

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Legal and Contracts

FileOpen’s approach of controlling access at the document level is well-suited to the legal use case, as it enables legal staff to explicitly grant specific users with access to certain documents, inside or outside the firm. FileOpen DRM supports review and annotations of secured documents and provides an audit trail of document usage and printing for monitoring and forensic purposes. 

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Libraries and Controlled Digital Lending (CDL)

In order to properly implement CDL, a library must have the ability to restrict access to digital files in two primary ways: the CDL system must restrict concurrent usage (how many copies are open at a time) and must enforce expiration (how long each copy can remain open).

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Manufacturing and Design

Industrial companies are built upon knowledge of best practices, much of it stored as documents. Normal IT security can protect files inside the company, but only document-level DRM can prevent an authorized user from sharing a file with an un-authorized user in an intentional document leak.

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Public Sector

No part of the world information economy is more reliant upon management of digital resources, especially documents, than the public sector. However, digital documents can more easily escape from proper channels than their analog predecessors, and if exfiltrated can propagate more widely and rapidly.

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Publishing and Entertainment

Controlling copyrighted works is a necessity for today's pubishers. The best access control mechanisms are the ones that create the least inconvenience for legitimate users while still excluding the others, or inviting them to sign up.

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Standards Publishing

FileOpen's first large-scale implementations were developed for distribution of standards. The FileOpen technology has been built in cooperation with our SDO licensees with the ultimate goal of becoming, like PDF, a de facto standard for the SDO community.

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