FileOpen Rights Management for Secure File Sharing

Corporate firewalls and data loss prevention schemes often don't have the flexibility to allow document sharing with legitimate colleagues and partners outside of the organization. As a result, confidential and sensitive documents get emailed and uploaded to file sharing sites with little to no protection. Standard password security can easily be breached by determined hackers, and is not a scalable solution for ongoing document sharing.


FileOpen's rights management solutions link document security to the identity of the user, so that no one but the users you specify can view or print them. Once a user authenticates according to your criteria, they may view your secure documents without any additional password entry. If authorized users share a FileOpen-protected document, it will not display to any user to whom you have not explicitly granted permission.



A large law firm was challenged with securing confidential documents shared with dispersed employees, customers, partners and other third parties. Adding to this challenge was the pressure to meet client confidentiality, industry regulations, as well as employee demand for simplified document sharing tools. In some cases, lawyers would use unsanctioned email, portable devices or consumer–oriented file sharing tools just to get their job done. 


After careful consideration of various technologies, the firm chose FileOpen RightsManager to enable secure file sharing with granular access controls, policy enforcement, and auditability. As a result, the organization was able to support any document sharing channel while maintaining security, corporate policy and compliance.

The Solution: FileOpen RightsManager

  • Encrypt and host documents locally so they never leave your possession
  • Prevent unauthorized access regardless of how the document was obtained
  • Edit or revoke permissions at any time — even after delivery
  • Expire document access by date, term or usage
  • Secure documents in commonly used formats (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT)
  • View protected documents without plug-ins or client software*
  • Report on document and user activity
  • Integrate into cloud-based storage such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive™, and more.
*Available with FileOpen Viewer