Protecting document subscriptions

FileOpen Rights Management for Protecting Paid Subscriptions

Stop piracy and protect your revenue with FileOpen rights management for subscriptions.

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Publishers of high-value paid subscriptions face particular challenges in controlling document distribution while meeting their readers' expectations. On top of the administrative headache of managing your subscriber database, you may be concerned about users gaining access to your content without paying for it. However, you don't want to alienate your paying subscribers with a heavyweight DRM software installation.

FileOpen's rights management solutions give you options tailor-made to the challenges of managing paid subscriptions. By giving you tools to map document permissions to your subscriber database, you can set access rights to automatically expire when a subscription has lapsed. We make it easy to assign permissions by groups of users or documents, so you can create tiered subscription levels. A subscriber wants access on their phone or iPad? You can grant or revoke permissions to particular devices, either in advance or after distribution.

Using FileOpen's lightweight clients, paying users may not even be aware that your documents are secured. Following an initial registration, users won't need to enter passwords, even though each open and print event is authenticated and logged. Forwarded documents will not authenticate and cannot be viewed by unauthorized users. 


Use Case: Breaking into new markets

A market research firm that distributes thousands of reports yearly was experiencing a higher than usual customer attrition rate. After polling their customers, 60% indicated that the ability to access reports from their iPads / iPhones would improve their satisfaction level.  With that key finding, the firm sought a solution that would allow multi-device access while applying safeguards to prevent redistribution and unauthorized access. After reviewing various content management systems and DRM tools, the firm chose FileOpen RightsManagerâ„¢ because the solution provided the required controls and desired user experience, without being overly complex to administer. Within 24 hours, the firm was able to distribute documents securely to the iPad as well as those devices their customers were already using.  

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