FileOpen Document Security for Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Keep sensitive and proprietary information in documents safe.

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As businesses try to mitigate the risk of losing trade secrets and private information, many have adopted Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to block employees from sending confidential documents outside the firewall. However, for some organizations implementing comprehensive, content-aware DLP solutions may be overkill, in both complexity and cost. 

With FileOpen’s document security solutions, organizations can create and enforce policies that allow for secure exchange of documents both inside and outside the firewall. FileOpen encryption can be used to ensure that only the intended recipients of emailed documents may view them, and access can be revoked even after delivery. For organizations that already own DLP technology, FileOpen provides an open interface to integrate those controls and apply them at the document level. 


Use Case:  Complementing DLP with document-level DRM

A fast-growing financial organization’s implementation of a comprehensive DLP solution was turning into a complex multi-year project.  While IT and managers attempted to translate business process and policies into automated rules for data loss scenarios, they still needed technology to protect documents themselves.  The organization chose FileOpen RightsServer™ to ensure document access was controlled and policies were enforced.

 After a year of using FileOpen RightsServer independently, the organization integrated it with their DLP deployment. The DLP classification engine passes the unencrypted file and appropriate metadata to the FileOpen Encryptor / RightsServer, which encrypts the file and assigns the document to a predefined policy group.  As a result, the organization can exchange sensitive information and collaborate more effectively without fear of document leaks.

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