Introducing Sharebot: The new FileOpen app for end-to-end document security in Slack

Posted by Sanford Bingham on Apr 18, 2024 9:12:58 AM

As a longtime developer of rights management solutions for digital publishing, we often talk to customers who are looking for a way to share internal documents securely within and between organizations. (These inquiries normally peak after a well-publicized document leak that exposes confidential information or intellectual property). 

In the enterprise scenario, document security is binary and based on complete trust of users - you either have access or you don’t, and if you do, there’s not much stopping you from sharing it externally. Even “Data Loss Prevention” products can’t stop a legitimate user from either accidentally or intentionally sharing a confidential document, and provide at best a whack-a-mole solution. That’s because enterprise security stops at the firewall, and can’t reach beyond to control access to escaped documents. 

Enter FileOpen Sharebot for Slack - our new app that provides end-to-end document control in Slack, the most popular platform for collaborating within and between organizations. By integrating with Slack and Slack Connect, FileOpen Sharebot offers a user-friendly and effective solution for enterprise document control.


How FileOpen Sharebot adds a critical security layer to Slack

Slack provides the essential components of communication, identity management, and file delivery in a single familiar context – and FileOpen Sharebot adds an additional layer of file-level security and an enhanced document viewing experience. The result is a plug-and-play secure document sharing solution that empowers anyone in Slack to limit access to the users and channels they designate, even across different workspaces.

FileOpen Sharebot also improves the end-user experience by seamlessly authenticating via Slack identity, with no additional password or authentication requirement. Integration with federated identity and single sign-on (SSO) is also supported. This means that when you share a document protected with Sharebot, your recipient won’t encounter any additional authentication hurdles - if they’re signed into Slack and you’ve given them permission, they can view the document instantly. 

Protected documents may not be shared to other channels, downloaded, or extracted, adding a critical layer of security for documents that contain confidential or private information. With Sharebot, every Slack instance can become a secure portal, a locked-down virtual deal room, a regulation-compliant workspace, or all of these at once.


sharebot-slack-document-security-1FileOpen Sharebot: Limit document sharing to a specific channel


How Sharebot Keeps Your PDFs Safe

FileOpen Sharebot extends Slack’s secure environment to PDF files themselves with our robust and market-tested approach developed over decades as a certified Adobe security partner for PDF.

Sharebot's end-to-end PDF document security includes: 

Access Control: Protect PDF files uploaded to Slack by limiting access to specific members of a Channel, Conversation, or Workspace. Revoke access rights at any time, even after you’ve shared the document. 

Track Usage: Sharebot notifies the file owner each time the file is accessed, and maintains a complete record of all actions related to that file.

Watermark: Each time a document is opened, the user’s name and other information are imposed onto each page. 

Upgraded Viewer: The FileOpen Sharebot document viewer extends the functionality of the native Slack PDF viewer, adding tools to annotate, link, measure, edit, and print (if permitted).

Real-World Applications of Sharebot

Sharebot is for any team that handles sensitive or proprietary documents, especially those that need to be shared securely with outside stakeholders. The app is robust enough to be used in regulated industries, but flexible for situations where users are collaborating across different IT environments. Here are a few examples of ideal use cases for Sharebot: 

Legal Document Security: For sales teams handling sensitive client contracts and proposals, ensuring access is restricted to authorized channel members.

Financial Report Distribution: Financial institutions benefit from secure, controlled sharing of critical financial data with stakeholders.

Healthcare Data Confidentiality: Healthcare professionals can share patient records and medical information, confident in their data's privacy.

HR Document Management: HR departments can securely distribute sensitive employee documents, ensuring access is limited to intended recipients.

Education and Research Security: Academic institutions and research bodies can protect their scholarly materials and student information, adhering to privacy standards.


Prioritizing your document security with FileOpen Sharebot

In an age where information is currency, protecting your PDFs is not just a good idea; it's a necessity. Sharebot seamlessly combines the convenience of sharing via Slack with enterprise-grade security measures, ensuring that your documents remain confidential and accessible only to those you trust.

Whether you're sharing sensitive contracts, a financial expert distributing critical reports, a healthcare provider safeguarding patient data, or an educator sharing research findings, Sharebot is here to protect your business and reduce your exposure to noncompliance and leaks.

Sign up here and get started today! We’ll keep the app free of charge for now. By signing up today, you’ll lock in a discounted price for our paid tiers. 

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