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Document security that relies on passwords, proprietary containers or restrictive repositories doesn’t work and won't scale. Assuming that documents will stay inside the firewall or a customer’s device…well, we’ve all heard those stories.

Publishing tools, file formats, viewers and devices are constantly evolving and changing. Your important documents may travel—but FileOpen gives you the tools to decide exactly who can view them, when and from which devices.

Document protection from Step 1

Document protection from Step 1

FileOpen gives you a choice of encrypting on-premise or in the cloud, so you never have to upload an unprotected file. We use government-strength AES 256-bit encryption and store permissions data separately for maximum security.

Enforce Document Use Policy - Rich Permissions

Incredibly rich permission options

Define exacly what users can do with your documents--prevent downloading and saving locally, limit printing, apply dynamic watermarks, block screenshots, expire access, and revoke at any time. Track and analyze how and where users view your files.

User friendly document rights management

So user-friendly, IT will thank you

FileOpen authentication is so quick and seamless, your user may not know it's there. Bring on BYOD--we support viewing on iOS and Android phones and tablets, without unnecessary logins or passwords. Add or remove device access with one click. 

Scalable & Flexible Document Protection

Free your files from restrictive silos

Connect virtually any server, cloud repository, database, active directory service, firewall, or ecommerce system via the FileOpen API. Start with one document and scale to millions of concurrent document requests.

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Hosted Document Rights Management


FileOpen RightsManager lets you encrypt files locally, but authenticate your users in the cloud. Your unencrypted files never leave your possession.

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On-Premise Document Rights Management


FileOpen RightsServer gives you complete control of the file encryption, permissioning and authentication workflow, as an on-premise server.

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{FileOpen document security is trusted by corporations, governments, and publishers worldwide}
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quote  FileOpen is a long-term trusted partner for IHS to deliver leading solutions for DRM that support our customers and content partners."  IHS_small_print.png

- Keith Doubleday, Senior Director, Product Management at IHS 

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