FileOpen document security solutions:
Flexible, scalable, and user-friendly

DRM for Publishers Publishing & Document Delivery: Standards publishing, libraries, research, and media.
DRM for Financial Services Banking & Financial Services: Investment banking, venture capital, and other financial institutions.
DRM for Corporations Corporate & Professional: Manufacturing, insurance, aerospace, technology, legal and more.
DRM for Healthcare & Life Science Healthcare & Life Sciences: Clinical, pharmaceutical, insurance and related industries.
DRM for Education & Training Education & Training: Digital textbooks/materials, research, and e-learning.
DRM for Government Government: Federal, state and local governmental departments.
DRM for Protecting IP Protect Intellectual Property: Protect IP assets from piracy, copying and unauthorized sharing.
DRM for Data Loss Prevention Data Loss Prevention: Keep sensitive and proprietary information inside your organization.
DRM for Protecting Paid Subscriptions Protect Paid Subscriptions: Prevent piracy and protect subscription revenue streams.
DRM for Secure Document Sharing Secure Document Sharing: Enforce corporate usage policies at the document level, inside and outside the firewall.
DRM for Publishing to Mobile Devices Publish to Mobile Devices: Share documents securely with users on iPads® and iPhones®.
DRM for Compliance Achieve Compliance: Ensure adherence to government, industry, and corporate regulations.