FileOpen Solutions for Financial Services

In the financial services sector, the exchange of confidential documents is essential to doing business.  Basic firewall and password-based security don't make the grade when documents need to be exchanged quickly during a financial transaction. Moreover, financial documents can contain sensitive and private information subject to federal regulations, so security breaches can expose firms to legal risks.


As the leading provider of document security and rights management technology to the Virtual Data Room (VDR) market, FileOpen document security solutions have been rigorously tested and proven to meet the demanding requirements of financial services. With broad support for the standard document viewers and mobile devices your colleagues use every day, you can be sure that implementing strong document security won't slow down your business.



A boutique investment banking firm used email extensively to exchange confidential documents with internal teams, external stakeholders, attorneys, consultants and customers.  The documents were protected in transit through standard email encryption, but once decrypted the documents exposed the organization to unauthorized access and usage.  Due to the regulated nature of the information being exchanged, the firm chose to address these vulnerabilities before a breach occurred.  After evaluating several large-scale enterprise rights management solutions, the organization implemented FileOpen RightsServer™.  With FileOpen RightsServer, the firm could protect against unauthorized access, enforce acceptable use policy and comply with industry regulations without overwhelming their small IT staff.

The Solution: FileOpen RightsServer

  • Integrate with existing infrastructure for centralized control over distributed documents
  • Prevent unauthorized access regardless of how the document was obtained
  • Ability to edit or revoke permissions at anytime
  • Expire access by date, term or usage
  • Ensure secure document disposal / destruction policies are enforced
  • Publish documents in standard document formats (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT)
  • Ability to view protected documents without plug-ins or client software*
  • Control printing and apply user/device identifying watermarks to each print
  • Monitor and audit document use by user
  • Integrate with cloud-based storage
*Available with FileOpen Viewer