FileOpen Solutions for Publishing & Document Delivery

Publishers and high-volume document delivery services face particular challenges in controlling distribution and protecting their revenues. They must address a diverse array of client environments and provide a smooth authentication experience for end-users. At the same time, it is essential to prevent pass-along of documents and downloading from unauthorized sharing sites.


FileOpen’s original document security architecture was designed to solve the unique problems of the publishing and document delivery market. Building on standard document formats and viewers, FileOpen offers extremely lightweight and effective rights management, without burdening end-users or IT staff. With support for iPad, iPhone, and any web browser via the zero-install FileOpen Viewer, FileOpen's rights management solutions are putting publishers back in control of their content. 




A world-renowned STM* publisher changed its business model to offer the products of 3rd party publishers on their thriving e-commerce portal. In this new paradigm, the publisher faced the challenge of managing larger sets of document protection policies, enforcing and reporting on licensing arrangements, and meeting user demand for simplified access. 


The Solution: FileOpen Developer Toolkit

  • Easy integration with existing CMS, database, ecommerce platform and cloud-based storage
  • Protect documents in native PDF for seamless viewing in the free Adobe Reader
  • View protected documents without plug-ins or client software**
  • Automatically change or revoke document permissions based on user payment status
  • Prevent unauthorized access to forwarded or shared documents
  • Expire access by date, term or usage
  • Control printing, copy/paste, save local copy and other operations
  • Report on document and user activity
  • Comply with industry regulations such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or the Copyright Directive (EUCD)

* Scientific, Technical and Medical  
**Available with FileOpen Viewer