FileOpen Viewer: Display documents securely in the browser with no plug-in

FileOpen Viewer™ is a revolutionary secure document viewer offered with our suite of rights management solutions. The FileOpen Viewer allows users to access FileOpen-protected documents without any plug-ins or additional software. All your end-users need is a Web browser.


Publishing in FileOpen OPN format is like giving your users a secure window into documents that reside on your server, without allowing them to download or save a copy locally. Because it requires no client software, it is an ideal solution for publishing to mobile users.


To distribute documents to the FileOpen Viewer, we provide an easy tool to convert standard PDF files to the OPN format, which behaves in much the same way as a normal PDF file. After a one-time login, users may view secure OPN files in any Web browser with no downloads or further logins required. If a user share a link to an encrypted OPN file with an unauthorized user, that user will not be able to open it, even with the authorized user's login.


FileOpen Viewer is available within RightsManager™RightsServer™ or through individually licensed modules in the FileOpen Developer Toolkit.



Document Expiration by Usage Expiration by Usage
Documents expire after a certain number of opens / prints.
Document Expiration by Time Expiration by Term/Time
Documents expire after a certain term or specified date.
Document Watermark Watermarking
Watermark documents with user identifying information (view/print)*.
Restrict Document Printing Limited Printing
Prevent printing of a physical copy or conversion into another format.
Stop Copy/Paste Copy & Save Control
Stop copying or saving (of file and of contents)
Reporting Reporting
Track user and document activity / history.