FileOpen Solutions for Corporate & Professional

In business today, the walls have come down-- employees are sharing documents by email, via cloud-based storage services, and by BYOD. This new paradigm presents serious threats by increasing the possibility of unauthorized access to your most sensitive internal documents.


FileOpen's rights management solutions help you mitigate this risk by extending your firewall security and credentials to documents themselves, wherever they are accessed. FileOpen's admin tools make it easy to assign access and document permissions based on a user’s ‘need to know’, their role in the business or the sensitivity of information being shared. You can grant or revoke permissions, either in advance or after distribution, with a click of a button. 


Despite the heightened security, your employees' workflow does not change. After an initial registration, authentication is transparent and documents may be viewed within standard viewers such as Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word. 




A North American electronics manufacturer relied on a perimeter security solution to gate the entry to documents hosted on their extranet, which included design reviews, price lists, patent applications and more.  The company learned how just ineffective their document protection strategy was when a former partner leaked design documents for a new product to a competitor. To prevent this type of breach again, the company began researching DRM tools that would enable them to revoke access to documents even outside their extranet, as well as watermark any printouts with user-identifying data. After reviewing several DRM solutions, the company chose FileOpen RightServer as a first line of defense for their documents.    

The Solution:  FileOpen RightsServer

  • Integrate with existing CRM, intranet and extranet
  • Manage users and policies from anywhere
  • Publish documents in commonly used formats (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT)
  • Prevent unauthorized access regardless of how the document was obtained
  • Edit or revoke permissions at any time — even after delivery
  • Control printing and apply user/device identifying watermarks to each view/print
  • Report on document and user activity
  • Integrate and secure cloud-based storage