Control PDF documents in Adobe Reader, without passwords

FileOpen's suite of document rights management solutions offer native support for PDF in the free Adobe Reader, thanks to our longstanding partnership with Adobe Systems as a certified security provider. 


Using FileOpen's document security and rights management solutions, you can distribute encrypted, native PDF documents to your users for viewing in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat Standard/Suite/Pro. The lightweight FileOpen Plug-in for Adobe Reader enforces your usage policies at the client end, authenticating seamlessly for every open and print attempt. It also enables expiration and revocation of permissions, even after delivery.


By distributing secure PDFs via the FileOpen Plug-in for Adobe Reader, you can be sure that only users with permission may view and print your documents. Your end-users will appreciate not having to download a bulky new viewer or enter passwords each time they want to view a document—after an initial registration; their experience will be no different than viewing normal unencrypted PDF files.


See how you can publish secure PDF files with RightsManager™RightsServer™ or through individually licensed modules in the FileOpen Developer Toolkit.





Document Expiration by Usage Expiration by Usage
Documents expire after a certain number of opens / prints.
Document Expiration by Time Expiration by Term/Time
Documents expire after a certain term or specified date.
Document Watermark Watermarking
Watermark documents with user identifying information (view/print)*.
Restrict Document Printing Limited Printing
Prevent printing of a physical copy or conversion into another format.
Stop Copy/Paste Copy & Save Control
Stop copying or saving (of file and of contents)
Reporting Reporting
Track user and document activity / history.
Offline Restrictions Offline Permissions
Enable secure offline viewing for time-limited periods (airplanes, trains, etc).
Stop Screenshots Screenshot Prevention
Prevents users from capturing screenshots.


*iOS devices support watermarks in OPN format only.