Add an Extra Layer of Security with Watermarks

If your digital documents contain particularly sensitive or valuable information, applying FileOpen Watermarks can be a powerful tool to deter unauthorized sharing and trace wayward copies to their source. Using FileOpen RightsManager™RightsServer™ or SDK, you can fully customize the content, style and placement of watermarks on your encrypted documents.


FileOpen watermarks can also be dynamically generated at the time of document delivery, pulling from a broad data set such as username, date/time, IP address and end-user device. 

FileOpen Watermarking Features

    • Static (same on all documents) or Dynamic (populating with variable data on-the-fly)

    • Set to appear on screen, in print, or both

    • Stamped (imposed on top of text) or appear beneath text

    • Place diagonally, in the header or footer

    • Editable/revokable, even after delivery

FileOpen watermarks can be used in conjunction with printing controls to limit the number of prints allowed, to limit printing to certain pages within a document, or to expire print permissions after a specified period of time. 

Learn more about FileOpen Watermarking

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For Developers:

FileOpen Watermarking Syntax (pdf)


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