Share documents securely on iPad® and iPhone®

Available as a free download from the App Store, the FileOpen Viewer App for iPads and iPhones enables the secure display of documents for your mobile users. Leveraging FileOpen’s core document security technology, the FileOpen Viewer App not only protects files from unauthorized access, but also enforces policies such as document expiration, revocation and watermarking.

Securing documents for distribution to the FileOpen Viewer App requires a license to FileOpen RightsManager™RightsServer™ or Developer Toolkit.

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How it Works

The FileOpen Viewer for iPad and iPhone supports both OPN (FileOpen’s native file format) and PDF files. The app operates in essentially the same way as the FileOpen plug-in for Acrobat/Reader, authenticating users in one of two ways; either username/password dialog or a machine/device context. The first time that a user tries to open a FileOpen-protected document, they are connected to a permission server. This client/server communication then allows or denies document access and applies designated usage policies. Documents cannot be opened if the user does not have explicit permission from the publisher. All permissions may be edited or revoked even after delivery.

End-User Experience

Users must first install the free FileOpen Viewer App from the App Store, either directly to the iOS device or first to a PC or Mac using iTunes. The device must have internet connectivity the first time a protected document is accessed to authenticate and obtain permissions. Once that document has been opened, it may be accessible thereafter when the device is disconnected, but this depends on permissions granted by the publisher.

For more details on the FileOpen Viewer App for iPad and iPhone, see our FAQ for Publishers or FAQ for End-Users.