Share documents securely in Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint®

FileOpen rights management for Microsoft Office files lets you set access policies for sensitive or private documents which persist inside and outside your company firewall. Only those users you specify will be able to view or print; forwarded or shared documents will not authenticate and Microsoft Office will not display them. Your authorized users will appreciate the convenience of viewing the secure documents in their native Office applications, without having to enter extra passwords.

Designed for Integration

Our Microsoft Office document protection was designed to allow your IT department complete flexibility in integration and implementation. The encryption and authentication service can be hosted in the cloud by FileOpen, or on-premise at your server facility. Policies can be set according to the document, recipient group, device type or on a case-by-case basis according to permissions set in your identity management service.

Active Directory Support

FileOpen rights management for Office also supports Active Directory, so that any files dropped into your AD automatically inherit the access policies set for your users. Encrypted documents will retain these permissions settings after they have left the firewall, and access can be revoked instantly for any user on any device. 

Flexible Licensing Options

Protection for Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® files is available as an add-on to our cloud service, RightsManager™, as an on-premise RightsServer™ installation, or through individually licensed modules in the FileOpen Developer Toolkit.

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Display protected documents in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Open Architecture and Support for Standard Document Formats

FileOpen software is a combination of proprietary technology and programs written to the APIs of commercial document creation and viewing packages. This mix of standalone and integrated technology permits FileOpen rights management to work in a wide range of server environments (PHP, .NET, or custom in any Web-facing language), while supporting secure viewing inside of most popular productivity applications.

As a result of FileOpen's open architecture, our partners and customers can implement rights management in their existing IT infrastructure or on the cloud service of their choice.  Any identity management scheme, database, or business rules can communicate with FileOpen's encryption and authentication programs via our open APIs and published security protocol. This open framework provides choice, autonomy, and complete control over the security of your information. 


How It Works


The FileOpen encryption tools (in RightsManager, RightsServer, and the FileOpen SDK) take as input an unencrypted Office file and a cover page, then return the encrypted file encapsulated into the unencrypted cover page file.  The content of the cover page is created by the publisher, so can be branded.



When an encrypted file is accessed in the MS Office application that does not have the FileOpen add-in loaded , Office displays the cover page (which normally contains a link to the installer for the add-in). If the add-in is present, it intervenes and extracts the encrypted file from the coverpage, gets metadata from that file, contacts the referenced PermissionServer and then implements the instructions from that server, which could be display of an error message or of the file, with user/document-specific permissions and watermarks.

Apply Permission Policies at the Document or User Level

Easily configure permissions to ensure that the right people have the right level of access to company information.  Sample permissions include:

Document Expiration by Usage Expiration by Use
Expire documents after a certain term, specified date or by usage (view/print).
Document Expiration by Usage Expiration by Time/Term
Expire documents after a certain term or specified date.
Offline Restrictions Offline Permissions
Enable secure offline viewing for time-limited periods (airplanes, trains, etc).
Stop Copy/Paste Copy & Save Control
  Stop copying or saving (of file and of contents)
Document Watermark Watermarking
Watermark documents with user identifying information (view/print).
Restrict Document Printing Restrict Printing
Prevent printing of a physical copy or conversion into another format.
Stop Copy/Paste Revocation
Disable access to files at any time, from anywhere - instantly.
Reporting Reporting
Get detailed reports on user and document activity.

See how you can publish secure files with RightsManager™RightsServer™ or through individually licensed modules in the FileOpen Developer Toolkit.