Share documents securely with the zero-install FileOpen Viewer

Share documents securely with the zero-install FileOpen Viewer

Zero tolerance for asking your end-users to download or install software? FileOpen has an elegant yet robust solution to the problem: the zero-install FileOpen Viewer. 

The FileOpen Viewer converts and encrypts normal PDF files to OPN format, so they can be displayed securely in any browser that supports Flash v11+. Publishing in FileOpen OPN format is like giving your users a secure window into documents that reside on your server, without allowing them to download or save a copy locally.

FileOpen Viewer is available within RightsManager™, RightsServer™ or through individually licensed modules in the FileOpen Developer Toolkit.

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Share files securely without any client installation

How it works

During document encryption, a conversion engine converts PDF files to OPN files in real-time. OPN files are searchable, vector facsimiles of the original PDF files and are secured using AES 256-bit encryption. As with the other FileOpen products, decryption keys are transmitted independently of the documents themselves, via a managed client/server protocol. Except where explicitly permitted by the publisher, the files cannot be downloaded or used locally. 

FileOpen protected OPN files are displayed within a frame inside a flash-enabled browser, and are controlled via the application's navigational toolbar. The navigational interface is similar to that of the Adobe Reader and the user experience is intended to be as close as possible to that of PDF. Where the publisher allows, these files are printable, internally searchable and text may be extracted. 

Don't have a Flash-enabled browser?  Don't fret...

Available as a free download from the App Store or from Google Play, the FileOpen Viewer App enables the secure display of protected OPN documents. Leveraging FileOpen’s core document security technology, the FileOpen Viewer App not only protects files from unauthorized access, but also enforces policies such as document expiration, revocation and watermarking. 


Support BYOD with Viewer for iPad, iPhone & Android

Easily configure permissions to ensure that the right people have the right level of access to company information.  Sample permissions include:

Document Expiration by Usage Expiration by Use
Expire documents after a certain term, specified date or by usage (view/print).
Document Expiration by Usage Expiration by Time/Term
Expire documents after a certain term or specified date.
Offline Restrictions Offline Permissions
Enable secure offline viewing for time-limited periods (airplanes, trains, etc).
Stop Copy/Paste Copy & Save Control
  Stop copying or saving (of file and of contents)
Document Watermark Watermarking
Watermark documents with user identifying information (view/print).
Restrict Document Printing Restrict Printing
Prevent printing of a physical copy or conversion into another format.
Stop Copy/Paste Revocation
Disable access to files at any time, from anywhere - instantly.
Reporting Reporting
Get detailed reports on user and document activity.

Supported Formats and Viewers:  FileOpen works within standard document formats and viewers, providing a seamless and familiar experience. See supported formats and viewers for more information.