Starts at $299/month

Monthly subscription to our encryption and authentication service. Learn more




Starts at


Annual license to our encryption and authentication technology deployed on your private servers. Learn more


Integrate FileOpen DRM with your systems with our open API and libraries. Learn more


Protect PDF Files

For password-free viewing in native Adobe Reader and other PDF viewers.

Protect MSOffice Files

Protect Web Files

Protect files in any web browser, with no plug-ins, using FileOpen Web Viewer. 

Support iOS Devices

Protect files on Apple iPhones and iPads.

Support Android

Dynamic Encryption

Encrypt and set policies on-the-fly. Supports Active Directory.


Apply unique, user-identifying watermarks to files and prints.

Local Encryption

Encrypt raw files on your machine, not in the cloud.

Deliver Anywhere

Send secure files via email, Web, cloud storage or media.


Authenticate via login, device, cookie or domain.

Copy Protection

Prevent copying, save-to-file, text extraction and screenshots.


Expire or embargo access by date/time or # of views/prints.

Control Printing

Limit or prevent printing by time or # of prints, at page-level.

Revoke Access

Revoke access to a user or device instantly, even after delivery.

Offline Access

Enable time-limited offine access for viewing on planes and trains.

For more details check out our Ultimate DRM Feature Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine pricing?

Every DRM use case is different, so before we quote a price we'll consult with you about your project. Our baseline pricing reflects the proprietary technology developed at FileOpen over two decades, as well as the licensed rights we hold with our partners such as Adobe Systems. We factor in the number of admin seats, the number of end-users, the volume of documents and authentication requests to arrive at a quote. 

Do you charge a per-seat user cost?

For enterprise implementations, a per-seat cost may be included. For most one-to-many publishing implementations, we do not charge a per-seat cost or royalty. This allows publishers to make a predictable annual investment in FileOpen rights management technology, and keep more of the profits from their content. Furthermore, FileOpen does not require access to your end-user information. 

Is support included?

Yes, tech support from our U.S.-based team is included with your annual license. We provide first-line support, meaning to you and your team, not to your end-users. We answer support queries within one business day. If your organization requires training or end-user support, we can propose a special support package for you.

What about upgrades?

We are continually improving our platform and keeping up with new releases of the browsers and viewers we support. New FileOpen licensees will benefit from these updates at no extra charge provided they maintain their annual subscription/license. Legacy FileOpen customers may need to upgrade their license to receive the latest updates. 

Can I run a file encryption service?

We do not permit re-sale of our encryption technology using a single instance of one of our products. We do however welcome OEM and VAR relationships which are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Learn more about partnering with FileOpen. 

Can we start small and scale up?

Yes, you are welcome to license a basic implementation and scale up over time. Based on the activity on your FileOpen account, we'll notify you when it's time to go up to the next subscription level. FileOpen powers some of the largest document delivery systems in the world, so the sky's the limit in terms of end-users and files. 

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