Yes, I want to be a DRM Ninja!

What is the difference between data security and document rights management? How can you support users on mobile devices without risking leaks or piracy? Is it possible to have strong security without annoying your end-users? 

The Thinking Person's Guide to Document Rights Management is an information-packed introduction to controlling access to your digital documents. Download it for free today to get: 

  • The inside scoop on new DRM technology

  • A DRM Feature Checklist to compare vendors

  • 16 Questions to Ask Your Team 

"Interesting read, especially as it relates to internal customers and what level of DRM we might want to consider imposing." - A. Davis



In this engaging 15-page e-book, you'll learn why passwords don't work as true document security, how to approach the tradeoff between security and usability in the Security-Usability Spectrum, and what to look for in rights management solutions with our DRM Feature Checklist. 

Written in plain English for the decision-makers in your organization, "The Thinking Person's Guide to Document Rights Management" is a thought-provoking primer in document security and protection.


Yes, I want to be a Thinking Person Too!