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Healthcare professionals need fast access to the documents they need to deliver the best care—research, patient records, drug specifications, etc. However, many of these documents contain proprietary or private information which must be protected, in some cases by government regulations. FileOpen's right management solutions are deployed worldwide by hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and government health organizations to speed access to vital information without sacrificing privacy or security.

Protect intellectual property and sensitive information in documents

Use Case: Meeting complex document control & delivery requirements

A large federal government health organization receives over 40,000 grant applications annually, which it distributes to expert reviewers around the world to process. Previously, the grant applications were scanned into PDF onto CDs and physically shipped to the reviewers. The organization wanted to streamline the process by making it possible for reviewers to access the documents via the Web, but the dispersed nature of their user base presented some challenges. Reviewers hailed from different academic and government institutions, used a variety of computing platforms, and may have a “conflict of interest” with some of the grant applications under consideration. They needed a way to grant selective access so that each reviewer had access to a distinct set of documents. It was also essential that user access be relatively easy, since reviewers were donating their time, and the organization had a skeletal IT support staff.

After several years of deliberation, the health organization chose FileOpen Developer Toolkit to create a secure document distribution portal which is tightly integrated with their document production workflow. FileOpen was the only solution that satisfied all their requirements, including date-dependent access (embargo/expiration), platform independence (support for Adobe Reader), the ability to grant offline access, and an easy end-user experience. ;

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