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From higher education to e-learning sites, online classes and digital course materials are dramatically changing the learning process.  Students are using their smartphones, laptops, and tablets to receive assignments, read textbooks, access libraries, and collaborate with each other.  With these technological advancements in learning, educational institutions face numerous document security challenges. These range from protecting confidential information and intellectual property to preserving copyright and institutional revenue streams.  To support academia’s special requirements, FileOpen delivers the right balance of document security and accessibility with lightweight DRM.

Document security for education, e-learning, and training

Use Case:  Protecting Copyright and IP 

A training and professional association that exclusively provided on-site training was expanding to on-line courses.  With this new delivery model came a new set of challenges.  The association wanted to provide their users an easy transition from print to digital, but more stringent copyright laws applied to the digital content. Further, they wanted to link document access to the same credentials their users set up during payment processing.  Last but not least, they needed to protect their investment in online training by guarding against document redistribution and misuse.  After reviewing several DRM tools, the company chose FileOpen RightsManager, which enabled both their IT staff and their end-users a smooth transition to the new system. 

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