Four Reasons to Use FileOpen to Protect Files in the Cloud

Posted by FileOpen DRM News on Jul 14, 2014 11:31:07 AM

As businesses move to the cloud for their document storage and sharing needs, the need for stronger and more persistent security at the file level has gained urgency. However, the dominant cloud providers still do not offer  enterprise-grade security and rights management solutions, even to their "business" customers. 

FileOpen aims to fill that gap by providing responsive document control, policy enforcement and tracking regardless of where the actual files are stored, including the cloud. We've also made it easier to use cloud services such as Dropbox as a secure document delivery platform, by automatically encrypting the contents of designated folders and seamlessly authenticating user access. 




1. Persistent Security
    • Local AES-256 bit file encryption – no need to upload source files.
    • Expire documents by date, time or usage.
    • Revoke or kill access to specific documents as needed.
    • Disable or restrict copying/pasting, saving, editing and screen captures.
    • Display user identifying watermarks on every view and/or print.
    • Restrict document access to a specified count of devices by user.
2. Uncompromised User Experience
    • View protected documents in native applications such as Adobe Reader/Acrobat, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, or in any browser that supports Flash version 11+ or HTML5
    • No cumbersome downloads or passwords to remember--authorized users may not even realize the file is protected
3. In-depth Analytics
    • Obtain a complete audit trail of document usage by user including, IP address, device type, time stamp, and more.
    • Understand your audience with page-level engagement and print metrics.
    • Review IP address and machine context of failed authentication requests to better understand unauthorized sharing patterns.
4. Built for Business
    • Plugs directly into your existing file sharing solutions so you can share files with a simple web link; Google Drive, DropBox, Box, ShareFile, Egnyte, Hightail, OneDrive, etc.
    • Integrate into existing authentication schemas such as Active Directory, SSO, SAML, etc.
    • Seamlessly integrate into virtually any other third-party system or database; including, eCommerce systems, intranets, LMS/CMS, SharePoint, and more. 

While many vendors are moving to capitalize on the growing need for secure file sharing with yet another 'better' cloud sync and share system, FileOpen’s approach has always been to focus on the document security, not the device nor the means of distribution. By securing the file itself, but storing permissions separately, FileOpen can offer truly portable file security regardless of the endpoint. 


Contact us to see how you can share files securely without changing your current technology investments, corporate culture or workflows.

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