FileOpen Client 0917 Released

Posted by Sanford Bingham on Dec 14, 2011 1:46:00 PM

We have released an updated FileOpen plug-in for Adobe Acrobat and Reader on Windows. The Client, Build 0917, implements a few patches and bugfixes. Specific improvements include:

    • Improvements to Dynamic Watermarking functionality including the addition of finer-grained color management and imposition of control over fill and stroke, plus a new mechanism for handling page content with complex content arrays.
    • Support for retrieval of cookies in the Google Chrome browser.
    • Improvement to the retrieval of Offline Permission under Reader X protected mode.
    • Additional modifications to eliminate known conflicts with other applications when kernel-level screen capture prevention is invoked.
    • Modification to the .msi installer mechanism to improve detection of Acrobat/Reader.

This update replaces the 0914 release from October 2011.

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