New FileOpen Client for Adobe Acrobat and Reader

Posted by Sanford Bingham on Oct 24, 2011 6:19:00 PM

FileOpen Systems has released an updated plug-in for Adobe Acrobat and Reader on Windows. The Client, Build 0914, implements minor new functionality, along with multiple patches and bugfixes. Specific improvements include:

    • Addition of new font, color and placement options for Dynamic Watermarks, including an option to store watermarks in Offline Permission with logic to insert current date/time and other data while offline.
    • Improved management of Reader X “protected mode” and Internet Explorer protected mode, enabling full operation including retrieval of cookie data when both programs are in protected mode, also improved cookie handling under Firefox.
    • Architectural modifications to enable the Broker process to operate under Reader X for multiple users on thin-client systems (Citrix XenApp, MS Terminal Server)
    • Modifications to eliminate known conflicts with other applications when kernel-level screen capture prevention is invoked.

This is the first update to the Windows Client for Acrobat and Reader since the 0900 release in March 2011.

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