FileOpen DRM for Protecting Intellectual Property

Protect IP assets from piracy, copying and unauthorized sharing.


The risk of intellectual property loss comes not only from internet hacking attacks, but also from lost or stolen laptops, removable media, email, collaboration tools and social media. The unintentional or unauthorized distribution of confidential customer data, financial records, trade secrets, product specifications and other IP documents can lead to lost revenue, inability to compete, and worse. FileOpen's rights management solutions can help protect your organization's intellectual property by ensuring that only those users you specify can view and print your documents.


Use Case:  Stolen Laptop Exposes Design Schematics

A technology startup realized it was time to implement a document protection plan when their chief engineer’s laptop was stolen at the airport. That laptop contained schematics for an unreleased product which represented years of research and development. To prevent a similar breach, the company chose FileOpen RightsManager to encrypt all their internal documents by default. Using RightsManager, they established group-based access policies so that employees could continue to work normally with the documents they need.