Deploy FileOpen on-premise, in the cloud, or fully-integrated

FileOpen offers flexible deployment options to suit your business: RightsManager (a hybrid on-premise / cloud solution), RightsServer (a 100% on-premise solution), and our Developer Toolkit (on-premise solution running your custom authentication server).

We also provide a versatile set of client plug-ins to enable access to protected documents in popular 3rd party viewers.


FileOpen RightsManager™

Encrypt documents and set policies locally while FileOpen handles policy management and user authentication in the cloud. Perfect for those who want to control their documents without maintaining their own server.  Learn more...


FileOpen RightsServer™

A 100% on-premise deployment that allows businesses to encrypt documents and authenticate users on their own server or intranet. Integrates quickly with existing databases and authentication schemes.  Learn more...


FileOpen Developer Toolkit™

Develop your own authentication layer and administration console on your own server, leveraging the FileOpen encryptor module, client extensions and example code.  Learn more...