One security solution for all your documents, wherever they are.

Experience seamless document security from your user's perspective

The best way to explore your secure publishing options is to step into the role of your end-user. How will they access your documents? Will they need to jump through a lot of hoops to gain access? Will they be able to view your information on any device? 

Even the strongest security must be usable by your authorized recipients. Fill out the form to the right to request a FileOpen-protected document with the permission settings of your choice. 

Possible settings include: 

  • Authorized access with no passwords, plug-ins or downloads 
  • Watermarking with user-identifying information 
  • Copy, save and print control by date or usage

Persistent document security and rights management doesn't have to mean inconveniencing your end-users. See for yourself today. 

"Choosing FileOpen for our document security needs has given us a robust and secure on-premise solution for our internal document distribution. It runs on our virtual servers with seamless integration with our Active Directory environment, making our ability to secure our IP easy and reliable. Also with the available mobile apps we are able to extend the same level of security to our mobile devices.” 


Sample clients:

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